Our association « natural architecture », has for obejctives to promote vernacular materials , with an artistic approach. 

We build healthy habitats, sculpted in beauty and poetry, with an architecture that maintains a happy relationship with the place.


Victor Jacquet, has been immersed from his childhood in the world of kerterres (unusual Breton habitat), then into mud houses (since 2014) and then into straw yurts (since 2018).

After having participated in numerous construction sites in different countries, he decided to specialize in artistic sculpture by making houses out of cob.

Passionate about his profession, he will be delighted to explore the possibilities and the surprises that natural architecture has in store for your place.

Mathieu Delmas, a young 30-year-old craftsman who is embarking on the support of individuals for the construction or renovation of habitats.

Formerly foreman, he has a global vision of the building and its trades.

Passionate and involved in the projects he undertakes, he will pass on his knowledge with pedagogy on cob constructions as well as on the ancient heritage which he studied in Dinan for 1 year.

Tara Legrand, chief cook. 

If a job requires a cook, Tara will be very happy to fill the role.

Involved in the heart of the site with delicious recipes established from the harvest of a few wild plants and organic and local products as far as possible.